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HOME STAGING COWHIDES IDEAS - Inspiring A Modern Lifestyle

HOME STAGING COWHIDES IDEAS - Inspiring A Modern Lifestyle

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A cowhide rug is made from the natural unbleached skin and hair of a cow. It brings in a natural feel to the home, may be it in the bedroom, living room or dining room. Commonly, it comes in a unique form but there are also some that are rectangular in shape. Today, I have gathered some living rooms with cowhide rugs in them. Let us see how the designers used it in the different interiors.


1. Matching Colors With Your Room

One of the greatest benefits a cowhide accessory has to offer is how interesting it looks compared to other, more regular types of rugs. One of the ways they offer this pleasing irregularity is the fact that cowhide rugs come in a diverse array of color.

However, "matching" colors doesn't always mean that you should buy a cowhide piece that is similar in tone and hue to all of your room's current furniture.

If you've done any kind of designing before, chances are you understand that not every color looks good in combination.

For example, if you've got a room full of dark mahogany furniture, having a chocolate cowhide rug could wind up making the place look gloomy and depressing. All of that darkness thrown together is a design disaster!

Instead, consider going by the rule of contrast: if you have lots of blank or white furniture in the room, try a patterned cowhide rug. Or, vice-versa, if you do have plenty of dark design elements, go with a white cowhide rug, like the one featured on Cowhides Direct!


2. Measuring Your Area

Once you've found a cowhide rug that is the perfect cut and color, you may be tempted to put the cart before the horse and buy it right away, only to discover that the rug won't fit in the planned room!

Measuring the area you want your cowhide piece in is essential to being satisfied with the product. Cowhides are measured from the two widest points and the two tallest points. This means that you should definitely buy a cowhide rug that is a little larger than you initially plan for, since the overall area that the rug covers will be smaller than the measurement listed.

If you're hoping to arrange your furniture on just a corner of the rug, you'll need to consider the distance between that piece of furniture and any you don't want touching the rug.

Alternatively, even if you decide to purchase a cowhide pillow or throw, you wouldn't want that piece to be too large or look ridiculously small on the couch or chair it will be decorating. Measuring may be a hassle, but it is better than being disappointed in the size of your product when it comes time to place it!


3. Combining Cowhides and Furniture

If you're stumped on what kind of cowhide product would work best in your space, consider combining cowhides with furniture. A cowhide accentuates the overall look of a room, but this is done particularly well when furniture is placed on top of cowhides!

For example, placing a product like the California Swivel Glider Chair on top of a cowhide rug can compliment the rug’s pattern and color while adding dimension to the space.

An ottoman, like the Mountain Modern Cowhide ottoman or a Cowhide Small Roll Top Ottoman, can offset a cowhide rug’s more irregular shape with something more uniform, as well as matching nicely with the overall style that a cowhide represents.

Additionally, putting a dining room table on top of a cowhide rug can add texture and a feeling of warmth to the dining room. It gives the space where families and friends gather to eat a homey, cozy feeling.


In Conclusion


In summary, cowhide rugs are useful in decorating a room because of one main design principle: contrast! Whether you’re building off a foundation of pre-established furniture or purchasing a cowhide couch, ottoman, or leather desk chair, these products are versatile enough to add warmth to an interior design.


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